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Brain Awareness Week (BAW)


Brain Awareness Week (BAW)

Dear colleague,

Did you know that the Brain Awareness Week is coming up on March 12-18th 2018?

Brain Awareness Week

From March 12-18, people across the globe are in fact celebrating the Brain Awareness Week (BAW), a global campaign created by the Dana Foundation in US to increase public awareness about brain science and that brings together scientists, families, schools, and communities during this week but not only.

The Dana Foundation for who doesn’t know them, is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs. Since its founding in 1950, the Dana Foundation has appropriated in excess of $455 million for philanthropic purposes.

This campaign is also promoted by the SFN, the Society for Neuroscience and there are many activities and materials accessible that might be of your interest too like BAW webinars, Educator resources, Free educational material…

Please have a look at the following link for more information:

Dana Calendar

We at SFI are really fan of the Brain Awareness Week and we try to do our part with our portfolio dedicated to the cognitive functions with KeenMind, Equazen and Gincosan

So consider using this opportunity to remind your customers how the cerebral health is important and how we can also support it

Kind regards

SFI Team

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